Welcome to Animaté Voice Studio!

We teach voice lessons for students ages 7 through adult with studios in Forest Grove, Beaverton, and Cornelius. Animaté offers private lessons and group classes in a warm, friendly setting where you or your child will learn music, vocal technique, performance skills, and most of all, confidence!

Develop Confidence, Musicianship, and Self-Acceptance

Everyone can learn to sing! At Animaté Voice Studio, we believe learning to sing and perform can be a transformative experience, building skills for a lifetime. As Angela Reiswig, owner and teacher, says, "as you begin to accept and celebrate your voice, you begin to accept - and celebrate - yourself." Learn solo work, harmony, performance, and build a healthy, strong voice FOR LIFE!

Something For Everyone

We want you to develop your own personal style, and Angela comes from a teaching tradition that will help singers understand an authentic, natural way to produce sound. At Animaté, our goal is to reach the heart of your unique voice, and then help you use it in the way you most desire. You will study music from various styles and traditions that help you connect with your voice and your soul. Learn more, or contact Angela today!