AVS is:

Technique, Performance, Community

Animaté Voice Studio is online! Teacher and owner Angela Reiswig offers group classes for younger students (ages 7 to 12), and private lessons for children, teens and adults. Animaté Voice Studio is performance-focused. Angela develops technique and performance skills in her students, and provides opportunities for her students to perform even now when singing and performance is online. Animaté Voice Studio, under Angela's warm and caring approach, have created a special community of singers, musicians, and friends.

Meeting you where you are

You don't have to have prior experience or training to begin voice lessons or classes. We want to teach you to find your own unique voice, understand basic music fundamentals, and prepare you for ensemble groups or further voice study if you desire. Our goal is to increase the amount and level of your singing and confidence while fiercely maintaining your joy and love of music.

You will Learn:

  1. The anatomy and physiology of singing
  2. How the breath informs everything!
  3. How posture and body tension affect the singing apparatus
  4. How authentic singing and speaking can fill a performance hall without hurting the voice
  5. How to navigate different "registers" or gears of the voice.
  6. Find your special voice type
  7. How to sing so that you are understood!
  8. The different roles that vowels and consonants play in production and expression.
  9. The rules of language in singing, diction and syntax
  10. You will also learn so much about yourself - with each lesson there is also lesson for the soul if you wish to take it!